How to use polls to grow your LinkedIn audience

1. Introduction

LinkedIn, the leading professional networking platform, offers a powerful feature called LinkedIn Polls. In this article, we will explore strategies on how to effectively use polls to grow your LinkedIn audience and engage with professionals in your industry.

2. Understanding LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn Polls allow you to create simple and interactive surveys to gather insights from your connections and the broader LinkedIn community. They provide an opportunity to spark conversations, increase engagement, and attract new followers to your profile.

3. Setting Clear Objectives

Before creating a poll, define your objectives. Are you looking to gather industry insights, spark discussions, or showcase your expertise? Having clear goals will help you design effective poll questions and drive engagement.

4. Designing Compelling Poll Questions

4.1. Keep it Relevant and Informative

Craft poll questions that are relevant to your industry or area of expertise. This will attract professionals who are genuinely interested in the topic and increase the likelihood of engagement.

4.2. Use an Engaging Tone

Use an informal and conversational tone when creating poll questions. This will make your audience feel more comfortable participating and increase the chances of them sharing their opinions.

4.3. Incorporate Visuals

Add visual elements to your poll questions to make them visually appealing and stand out in the LinkedIn feed. Images or graphics can help grab attention and encourage users to participate.

4.4. Keep it Short and Simple

Keep your poll questions concise and easy to understand. Avoid complex or lengthy options that may confuse participants. Clear and straightforward questions are more likely to attract responses.

5. Promoting Your Polls

5.1. Share Polls in Relevant Groups

Identify relevant LinkedIn groups related to your industry or niche. Share your poll questions in these groups to reach a targeted audience who are interested in the topic. Be sure to follow the group’s guidelines and engage in discussions around the polls.

5.2. Engage with Your Connections

Share your polls with your LinkedIn connections by posting them on your feed. Encourage your connections to participate and provide their insights. Engage with the comments and create a dialogue around the poll topic to foster further engagement.

5.3. Utilize LinkedIn Stories

Take advantage of LinkedIn Stories to promote your polls. Stories are visible to your connections for 24 hours and can generate additional visibility and engagement for your polls. Add engaging captions and visuals to encourage participation.


6. Analyzing Poll Results and Engagement

Regularly monitor the responses and engagement on your polls. LinkedIn provides analytics to help you analyze the results, such as the number of views, votes, and comments. Use this data to gain insights into your audience’s preferences and tailor your content accordingly.

7. Leveraging Polls to Grow Your LinkedIn Audience

7.1. Create Follow-up Content

Based on the insights gathered from your polls, create follow-up content such as articles or LinkedIn posts that provide deeper insights into the poll topic. This positions you as an expert and encourages users to follow you for more valuable content.

7.2. Engage with Poll Participants

Respond to comments and engage with users who participate in your polls. Acknowledge their contributions, answer their questions, and foster meaningful conversations. This helps build relationships and attracts more followers to your profile.

7.3. Collaborate with Others

Collaborate with other LinkedIn users in your industry or complementary niches. Conduct joint polls or share each other’s polls to tap into each other’s audiences and expand your reach. Collaborations can create valuable networking opportunities and increase your visibility.

7.4. Provide Valuable Insights

Use the results of your polls to share valuable insights and trends with your audience. Summarize the findings in articles, videos, or infographics, and provide your unique perspective on the topic. This establishes you as a thought leader and attracts professionals seeking relevant industry insights.

8. Conclusion

LinkedIn Polls offer a powerful tool to engage with your LinkedIn audience and grow your network. By designing compelling poll questions, promoting your polls effectively, and leveraging the insights gathered, you can attract new followers, foster meaningful connections, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

9. FAQs

Q: Can I create multiple-choice polls on LinkedIn?

A: Yes, LinkedIn Polls support multiple-choice questions, allowing you to provide respondents with options to choose from.

Q: Are LinkedIn Polls visible to all my connections?

A: Yes, when you share a poll on your LinkedIn feed, it is visible to all your connections, giving them the opportunity to participate and engage.

Q: How long should I run a LinkedIn Poll?

A: The duration of a LinkedIn Poll is customizable. Consider running it for a few days to a week to gather enough responses while keeping it timely and relevant.

Q: Can I export the data from my LinkedIn Polls?

A: Currently, LinkedIn doesn’t provide an option to export poll data. However, you can manually record the results and insights to analyze them further.

Q: Can I use LinkedIn Polls for market research purposes?

A: Yes, LinkedIn Polls can be a valuable tool for conducting market research and gathering insights from professionals in your industry or target audience.

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